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Respect for the terroir

Respecting the terroir is not just a question of setting one's own house in order and cultivating one's own land sustainably. It also involves taking part in a collective project to treat winegrowing effluents and wastewater. Vignobles Jander is a stakeholder in the group of Listrac winemakers who contributed to creating a specific treatment plant for wastewater from cellar washing and winegrowing equipment. Concerning vineyard health, we opted for the methods advocated by sustainable agriculture many years ago, and stay focused on respect for the environment. We do not use insecticides and we manure our soils only with organic matter of plant origin. Looking, listening and understanding also means favouring the natural defences of the vine plant by tilling the soil to favour microbiology. Natural green cover is also worthwhile to fight parasites thanks to auxiliary predatory fauna. This ensures natural balance and harmony of the vineyard, within its environment.
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